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T-Pac mean travel pack and is the name for the brand-new variety of LXi 6 and 5 piece fishing pole. The advantages of travel rods are lots of. It removes the requirement for additional rod cases which are pricey to sign in on flights today. It’s easier with less luggage and it decreases the threat of losing your crucial tool on your method to the ideal fishing expedition.

These rods have actually been completely checked throughout the year however we believed it would be a fantastic concept to provide these brand-new rods a last slamming prior to they struck the racks. We provided Håkan Norling and Mikael Frödin a couple of rods to have fun with as they took a trip to river Em in Sweden on the last day of the season. River Em is understood to populate the most significant sea trout worldwide. The best location to put the brand-new LXi rods through its speeds.