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Here you see Emy and Buddy Nolan fishing a relatively high west coast Vancouver Island Stream for Summer Season Steelhead … it is Nolan’s very first time casting anything Skagit and appears to be really comfy, from both sides of the River.Nolan was utilizing the Beulah 12’9″ # 7 Oynx; cushioned wotht eh Beulah Tonic 450 grain head with 7′ of T11 connected Although we did not land any fish it was terrific being on the water. Emy was utilizing the Vision SIKS (6 pc) 13’4″ # 7 Spey packed with a 420 Intermediate Skagit head, an intermediate Mow Idea with an incorporated 7.5 foot area of T8 … this set-up made it possible for Emy to provide incredibly tight loops with a reasonable size trespasser connected 80′ with incredibly low energy usage. And naturally fish at the depths required to have a possibility hooking into a Steelhead.