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Live from Minute Housemaid Park in Houston, see the Astros handle the Seattle Mariners Wednesday, September 8 at 2 PM ET, 11 AM ET on YouTube.

MLB Video Game of the Week Reside on YouTube brings live baseball to YouTube! Stream choose video games for totally free throughout your preferred gadgets on the MLB YouTube channel.

Mariners at Astros Live Stream Start: 00: 00
Mariners at Astros Pregame Program: 00: 05: 09
Mariners at Astros Video Game: 00: 43: 20
Mariners at Astros Postgame Program: 04: 32: 23

Astros YouTube Channel: @Houston Astros
Mariners YouTube Channel: @Seattle Mariners

The video game included live video game commentary from the Astros, Mariners, MLB and YouTube developers!

Astros individuals: Astros Social Group
Mariners individuals: Mariners Social Group
MLB individuals: MLB Social Group

YouTube developer individuals:

@Austin Kleschka
@Cowboy Jeff
@Dawson Wright
@FivePoints Videos
@Secret Base
@The Fireball Evaluation
@The Fumble.