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The Irideus 2013 6/7 Spey rod has actually shown early to be a California finest option. The screening premises have actually rewarded us this year with lots of double digit fish. The delight in fly fishing steelhead is likewise in the smaller sized fish in the river aswell as the trout. The Irideus 6/7 will bring excellent pleasure to trout and likewise steelhead pressing to 12 pounds. Discover the spey rods that have actually ended up being understand for capturing fish on the Plume river and Sacramento river California likewise in the town of Soldotna in Alaska on the Kenai river. Become part of something really unique that is going on in California. Discover the Irideus steelhead flies, fly boxes and other items at your regional fly store or call us direct. May your days on the water be numerous!

Steelhead fly fishing with Irideus steelhead spey rods and customized Irideus steelhead flies. Delight in the vibrant fly fishing journey with some actual time clips from the steelhead fly fishing journey. For all pass away tough steelheaders and welcome brand-new comers to the sport, this is a fantastic location to come by any day of the week. Discover the Irideus steelhead influenced items created from time on the water!
might your days on the water be lots of!