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When Ed Ward created the Micro Skagit Rod series (our 3-5wt) he did so with specific intent to reproduce a few of his preferred rods that he had actually transformed from single-hand rods into two-hand rods to fit the Skagit-style fishing he was carrying out in his brand-new environment. The brief upper grip enables more feel and ease in single-hand Skagit casting, while the lower switch grip enables a two-hand method when the circumstance determines. This equates to a rod that is extremely flexible, and well as a heck of a great deal of enjoyable to cast and fish! As Ed notes, the Micro Skagit rod line-up varies from the Pure Skagit rod line-up because the Micro’s are more true-to-weight than their bigger equivalents, implying the 3wt is more similar to a single-handed 3wt rod, instead of being couple of line weights greater in an overhand capability. Stay tuned for the soft release of our very first minimal batch following week!