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2019 Alaska Spey Clave – Cooper Landing, Alaska|Skagit and Trout Spey Recommendations from David Lisi from Cooper Landing Fishing Guide, LLC.

View as Dave Lisi provides a few of his theories about spey casting, skagit casting, spey fishing and trout spey at the 2019 Alaska Spey Clave.


At Cooper Landing Fishing Guide, LLC, we are very enthusiastic about spey fishing for a range of types, however we particularly delight in Trout Spey Fishing both with customers and when we are enjoyable fishing.

Every year we are happy to share the terrific method of spey fishing for trout and salmon by teaching our visitors the two-handed design. We are fortunate adequate to be a part of a great deal of firsts as individuals find spey and skagit casting and oftentimes, capture their very first fish on a spey rod.

Cooper Landing Fishing Guide, LLC lies in Cooper Landing Alaska and we are licensed Kenai River Fishing Guides on the Kenai and Kasilof Rivers fishing for both trout and salmon. We spey fish for trout and salmon and can’t get enough of it!

Thank you a lot for making the effort out of your hectic day to have a look at our YouTube videos! It implies a lot to us!